Stock Market Update - Q3 2022

There's much uncertainty in the financial world, and knowing how to plan and pivot your investments in a rapidly changing market is challenging. However, understanding where the market is headed, why certain asset classes outperform others, and which policy changes will impact you is fundamental for today's investors. Register now for our quarterly market update, where we identify the trends in global markets we've seen in 2022's early months, address the core economic principles driving these trends, and walk through what we can expect going forward.

Nick Johnson, CFA®, CFP®, President of Willis Johnson & Associates, presents an in-depth analysis of where our economy currently stands and offers actionable tactics to consider for your investment strategy. This webinar also addresses the top questions from our clients, including:

  • With headline CPI exceeding 8% by the end of the second quarter, many clients ask us: what is driving ongoing high inflation? Initially, the Fed said high inflation would be transitory, but how should investments pivot while high inflation lasts? What can we expect from the various asset classes as inflation continues or cools down?

  • The traditional stability of the 60/40 (equity to bond) portfolio has been under pressure as rising interest rates caused the worst quarterly bond market performance. Over the same period, equities have had increased volatility, and cash is being devalued by persistently high inflation. How should your portfolio change in this dynamic market environment?

  • The Fed has indicated that interest rates will continue rising in the coming months to combat the continued demand-driven inflation concerns in the U.S. With hawkish projections of increasing rates in the next several meetings of the FOMC, which asset classes might be the winners and losers if interest rates rapidly rise? Will the Fed be able to slow inflation without causing a recession? 

  • After several weeks of declining stock prices and corporate earnings, we expect continued challenges from persistent inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, higher wage growth, rising interest rates, and supply chain shortages. Will companies be able to grow their earnings in this challenging environment consistently? Which sectors can we expect to outperform amidst this bear market in the latter half of 2022? 

  • US equities were the clear winner in 2021, and with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, many investors worry about investing in other countries. With ongoing sanctions and shortages impacting global markets and supply chains, when could investors start to see international equities outperform their US counterparts? At what stage in the economic cycle do the cyclical-heavy internationals tend to outperform?

  • Which savings, tax, and investing strategies should you consider ensuring that your finances can withstand the current volatility and achieve long-term success?

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