WEBINAR   |   THURSDAY, JANUARY 27th, 2022 AT 12:00 PM CST

Stock Market Update - Q1 2022

There's much uncertainty in the financial world right now and knowing how to plan and pivot your investments in a rapidly changing market is a challenge. However, understanding where the market is headed, why certain asset classes are outperforming others, and which policy changes will impact you is fundamental for today's investors. Register for our quarterly market update, where we identify the trends in global markets we saw in 2021, address the core economic principles driving these trends, and walk through what we can expect for 2022.

Nick Johnson, CFA®, CFP®, President of Willis Johnson & Associates, presents an in-depth analysis of where our economy currently stands and offers actionable tactics to consider for your investment strategy. This webinar also addresses the top questions from our clients, including:

  • We've had cautious investors tell us that they find all the major asset classes worrisome. Equities have been on the run, and valuations aren't cheap. Bonds have underperformed and may continue to lag if interest rates rise. In addition, the safety in cash is eroding from high inflation. How should your portfolio change in this dynamic market environment?

  • The road to recovery from the COVID slowdown has been bumpier than expected with the surge in cases from the Delta and Omicron variants. With an estimated 90% of the US either vaccinated or recovered from the infection, should we expect an economic reacceleration? Which asset classes might outperform in the reopening trade?

  • Corporate earnings have had a robust recovery since the lows of 2020, being the primary driver of this bull market. However, going into 2022, we're expecting some challenges from slower economic growth, higher wage growth, higher interest rates, and likely a corporate tax increase. Which sectors can we expect to outperform in 2022? Why might valuations play a more significant role in 2022 than in 2021?

  • Inflation is a fear on many people's minds. With headline CPI nearing almost 7% at the end of 2021, what is driving high inflation? Initially, the Fed said high inflation would be transitory, but how should investments pivot while high inflation lasts? Which asset classes do the best in high inflationary environments? How much cash is too much cash?

  • As unprecedented fiscal stimulus works its way through the system, the Fed contemplates tapering its bond purchases. At the same time, Congress debates further spending aimed at infrastructure, child care, education, and climate change. How might US policy impact the recovering economy? Which asset classes might be the winners or losers in the transition?

  • 2021 seemed to be the year of cryptocurrency despite ongoing volatility. What should long-term investors consider as cryptocurrency faces potential regulation in the future? What impact will the power drawn from bitcoin mining have on the transition for global energy companies to net-zero emissions?

  • US equities were the clear winner in 2021, helped by the fact that an early vaccine rollout helped our economy normalize sooner than others. With many countries outpacing the US in vaccination progress and international equities selling at attractive valuations compared to US equities, when might we see international equities outperform their US counterparts? At what stage in the economic cycle do the cyclical heavy internationals tend to outperform?

  • Which savings, tax, and investing strategies should you be considering to ensure that your finances can not only withstand the current volatility but achieve long-term success? 

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