Timing Your Shell Retirement

Timing Retirement Shell

As a Shell employee, do you know how your chosen retirement date impacts your retirement funds? After a long career with Shell Oil Company, selecting a retirement date can be quite complex. For Shell professionals, the difference between retiring at the end of one year and the beginning of the next can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed savings. Let's face it: if you’re not thinking about your pension, taxes, and other benefit payouts when selecting your retirement date, you’re potentially leaving money on the table
In this webinar, WJA President and Shell benefits expert, Nick Johnson, CFA®, CFP®, dives into the misconceptions surrounding Shell executive's benefits. He discusses how you could unintentionally land in the highest tax brackets by having huge lump-sum payouts upon retirement and answer the following questions:
  • How do your Provident Fund, Shell Performance Shares, pension and BRP payouts impact your tax bill?
  • What's the biggest factor in determining your retirement date? (Hint: It's not what you'd expect.)
  • How will recent segment rates impact your BRP? Segment rates have dropped substantially in 2020, which typically results in significantly higher lump sum payouts.
  • When's the absolute worst time to retire from Shell?

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